Tradoc Rhône-Alpes

Tradoc has built up a tight-knit team of translators and project managers who ensure consistency from project to project and inform clients in the event that any inconsistencies are discovered.

We use translation memories to create a knowledge database and guarantee added reliability and reduced costs over the medium term.

All translations are proofread by a second translator who is also a native speaker of the target language.

Tradoc's translators and project managers use their knowledge of their clients' specific fields to check documents provided for translation for errors, omissions and inconsistencies, and inform clients so that the appropriate corrections may be made. We can also advise clients on the form and content of source documents.

Tradoc has obtained CERTITRAD certification from Bureau Veritas, based on the European EN 15038 standard.

This certification provides official recognition, at European level, of our working procedures proven for over 20 years to provide consistent quality.