Tradoc charges for translations based on the number of words in the source language. If the source language is not French, a factor is applied to obtain the equivalent number of words in French. Why do we tell you this? Because we value transparency and want you to be able to compare our rates with those of other translation agencies.

Tradoc uses translation memories to improve translation quality and reduce translation times and costs. We pass on these savings by providing discounts for repetitive content.

A translation memory (TM) is a database that contains text segments in one or more source languages and their corresponding translations in one or more target languages. As a result, once a segment has been added to the TM, it generally does not need to be manually translated again.

  • The time savings for the translator are reflected in our rates.
  • Sentences already in the TM are automatically located and translated. This is particularly useful for updating previously translated documents and translating identical or nearly identical documents.
  • Client or field-specific glossaries can be extracted from translation memories to ensure terminological consistency and thus improve translation quality.

Tradoc's rates include:

  • proofreading by a second translator,
  • the generation of glossaries that are regularly updated and sent to clients for feedback,
  • project management,
  • archival of source and target documents,
  • free delivery of all translations, whether by e-mail, FTP or post (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc.).