Tradoc Rhône-Alpes, for all your translation and interpreting needs

Expand your company’s international horizons! Don’t let a language barrier stand in the way of global success.

Tradoc Rhône-Alpes has 30 years of experience in translating all types of documents, and in the provision of interpreting services. We are the ideal partner for your projects, in France and around the world.

Our team of in-house translators at our offices in Lyon, and our extensive network of freelance translators, are at your disposal to translate any combination of languages. Our translators always work into their native language, on documents within their fields of expertise.

We work exclusively with professional clients from all fields of business, translating your user instructions, technical catalogues and manuals, legal documents (including contracts and sworn translations), commercial brochures and correspondence, websites, and so on.

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Translation agency for all language combinations and all fields

To ensure that our translations meet your quality expectations, we assign a dedicated translator, with expertise in your field of business, for each language in your project. They will become familiar with your terminology and with your company’s universe, so as to convey your messages and your company culture, and ensure optimal quality. Naturally, our translators always work into their native language.

Each translator works with a reviewer/proofreader speaking the same native language, who will check that the translations are accurate and use the appropriate terminology and style. We have a full range of office and desktop publishing software available, to ensure that our translations match the layout of your original documents. We translate all types of document, in a wide range of fields: technical, legal, medical, commercial, financial, scientific, etc.

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Get your meaning across with our interpreting services

Worried that your message might not be conveyed in full at conferences, official speeches, corporate assemblies or training sessions? Our professional interpreting services are the solution. We assign one or more dedicated interpreters, depending on the type of service requested (simultaneous, liaison or consecutive), the specialised field(s) and the native language of each interpreter. If necessary, we can provide all the necessary equipment (such as headsets for simultaneous interpretation). As well as being highly proficient linguists, our interpreters are also familiar with the culture of your contacts, ensuring that discussions are effective.

Wherever your event is being held, we can meet your needs through our international network of interpreters.


Our commitments

Tradoc Rhône-Alpes works with over a hundred freelance translators around the world, in addition to our in-house translators, ensuring that we cover an extensive range of fields and languages. Translators and interpreters are selected based on their native language and areas of expertise, to ensure top-quality translation and interpreting services. Our organisation is responsive and flexible, to adapt to your requests, your deadlines and your technical constraints. We can advise you on adapting your communication to take into account your contacts’ culture and frame of reference .

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Our certifications and quality guarantees

With our 30 years of experience in this enthralling profession, we offer the best in translation and interpreting services. Quality requirements are nothing new to us! We have held the prestigious CERTITRAD quality label for many years, and undergo annual audits by Bureau Veritas to ensure our compliance with the international ISO 17100 standard. This provides official European recognition of our working procedures, which are continuously improved to guarantee quality. We are also a member of the CNET (French association of translation companies).



One translator, one native language

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Flexible service

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