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Best practices in translation

All professions have their unspoken rules and best practices. The world of translation is no exception. Here is a summary of professional translators’ code of conduct.


Thou shalt translate into thy native language.

The golden rule among professional translators is to translate exclusively into one’s mother tongue. Unfortunately, not everyone respects this rule. If a translator offers to translate into a non-native language, beware… At Tradoc, we make a point of ensuring that all translations are carried out by mother-tongue translators.


Thou shalt keep all documents confidential.

Translators undertake to refrain from disclosing any information or documents entrusted to them by clients. This rule applies in all fields of translation, be it legal, technical, scientific, etc.

Interpreters are also subject to total and absolute professional secrecy. They will not use any personal or professional information to which they are privy during interpreting assignments.

At Tradoc, we maintain the utmost discretion and our general conditions of sale include a confidentiality clause.


Thou shalt not stray beyond thy capabilities.

When they accept a translation assignment, translators must ensure that they are capable of translating the document, in terms of the language combination and the area of expertise. If a translator feels that a translation is beyond their capabilities, they must inform the client accordingly.

At Tradoc, all of our translators work only within their areas of expertise.


Thou shalt respect thy fellow translators.

In the translation world, this means, first and foremost, applying appropriate prices in line with the current market, not disparaging other translators, and not engaging in unfair competition.



For more information, you can view the translators’ and interpreters’ code of conduct published by the SFT (French translators’ association): click here.



We take our profession seriously. That is why, as a member of CNET (French association of translation companies), Tradoc undertakes to comply with the CNET code of conduct, available (in French) at the following link: click here.


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