Skilled professional interpreters in Lyon, France, and further afield

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Do you want to organise a conference, trade show or business meeting ?

Do you need a professional interpreter for a seminar, congress or interview ?

Tradoc Rhône-Alpes can provide you with experienced interpreters, as well as any equipment needed, in Lyon or throughout France and Europe.

As active members of the CNET (French association of translation companies), we abide by the strict professional standards required of language service providers.

Multilingual liaison interpreters: French, English, German, Chinese, and just about any European or Asian language you may need

Our liaison interpreters can accompany you or your foreign visitors in Lyon, throughout France, or further afield.

With specific knowledge of numerous sectors, our translators and interpreters can fulfil all your needs in every field.
As well as being highly proficient linguists, our interpreters also have excellent interpersonal skills.

English, German, Italian, Polish, Chinese… At Tradoc Rhône-Alpes, we cover all possible language combinations and guarantee services that are adapted to your needs.

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Conference interpreters in Lyon, France and around the world

Our conference interpreters convey your messages as faithfully, smoothly and naturally as possible.

We take all your requirements into account and advise you on the style of interpreting needed for your event, in Lyon, France and further afield.

At Tradoc Rhône-Alpes, we will lend an attentive ear and offer valuable advice for your event.

We are enthusiastic about our work and strive to ensure the success of our clients’ conferences.

Our streamlined organisation ensures that we can provide a timely response to every request.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Interpreters in Lyon and throughout France for all your professional events

Quick reactions, excellent understanding, total fluency and a sense of cultural nuance are essential for high-quality interpretation.

As organising a conference, business meeting or trade show can be more complicated than expected due to cultural differences, you can count on the professional attitude and discretion of our interpreters.

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Interpreting and interpretation equipment rental in Lyon

As well as providing a multilingual team of interpreters, we can also arrange for audio equipment, including interpreting booths, microphones and headsets.

We will select the most appropriate interpreting equipment for the requirements of your event.

High-quality, reliable equipment is essential for optimal results.

High-quality, reliable equipment is essential for optimal results.

Contact us for a personalised quote, free of charge, within 24 hours.



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Flexible service

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