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17 January 2020

A closer look at China

China and its traditional lifestyle have been a source of fascination around the world for centuries. This decidedly forward-looking country has its roots deeply anchored in […]
29 November 2019
traduction medical

What is scientific translation and how does it relate to your company?

What is scientific translation and how does it relate to your company? Scientific translation is often conflated with technical translation. In addition to the sciences (biology, […]
8 November 2019

The linguistic family tree

Let’s start at the beginning: what is a language family? A language family is a group of several languages that share linguistic links, having derived from […]
11 October 2019

Quality: a core value

At Tradoc , we consider quality to be of the utmost importance. To this end, we undertake to uphold high quality standards so as to provide […]
5 August 2019

British and American English

Starting in the late 16th century, the English language spread around the world as a result of British colonialism and trade. Usage in each of the […]
22 July 2019

“Untranslatable” words and expressions

People across the world understand many common concepts in the same way, despite using different languages to express them. For example, Italian-speakers would refer to a […]
19 July 2019

Translating your website

Are you thinking of translating your website, but don’t know where to start? Follow our guide.   In the early days of the internet, websites were […]
15 July 2019

French around the world

French as an official language   The status of the French language varies from one country to another. It may be: the language spoken at home […]
10 July 2019

A closer look at subtitling

It has to be said, few foreign language films make much of a splash in mainstream cinema in anglophone countries. Notable exceptions from over the years […]
4 July 2019

Translation or transcreation?

Slogans, advertisements, film titles, product names… Very often, these few short words can be the most complicated to translate. Marketing materials, which often use word play, […]
1 July 2019
traduction communication

A closer look at technical translation

It is thanks to technical translators that the manuals for many items of day-to-day equipment are available in various languages. But what does “technical translation” actually […]
24 June 2019

Best practices in translation

All professions have their unspoken rules and best practices. The world of translation is no exception. Here is a summary of professional translators’ code of conduct. […]
20 June 2019

Endangered languages

As certain languages spread, others are spoken less and less. We often hear that the three most widely spoken languages are English, Chinese and Spanish. The […]
17 June 2019

Why translate your website?

What are the advantages of a multilingual site? Translating and localising your website could be a major advantage in the development of your business. In our […]
13 June 2019
Votre agence de traduction et d'interprétariat à Lyon et partout en France. Nous proposons des services d'interprétariat.

Quiz: What do you know about interpreting?

At Tradoc, we have been offering interpreting services in France and abroad for more than 30 years. How much do you know about the world of […]
6 June 2019
L'agence de traduction et d'interprétariat à Lyon pour les professionnels

What do you know about the role of a translator?

People often know little about the role of translators. Let’s take a look at the five most widespread assumptions about translators.   1.      Translators translate books. […]
3 June 2019

CAT tools

Today, IT has become ubiquitous in all fields, and translation is no exception. So what are CAT tools and why use them?   What does CAT […]
29 May 2019

Certified translation: the role of the sworn translator/interpreter

What is a sworn translator?   You may have heard of certified translations, sworn translations, legal translations, or official translations. These all different ways to refer […]
7 March 2019

Tradoc is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Thank you! Created in 1989, Tradoc is celebrating 30 years of translation and interpreting this year. We would like to thank all of our clients for […]

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