Quality: a core value

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5 August 2019
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Quality: a core value

At Tradoc , we consider quality to be of the utmost importance. To this end, we undertake to uphold high quality standards so as to provide customers with the best possible service.


What is a quality translation?

Customers often ask how to recognise a good-quality translation. First and foremost, a good translation should not read like a translation. Instead, the text should give the impression of having been written directly in the target language. The text should flow, without the reader stumbling over any unnatural-sounding giveaways.

Furthermore, spelling and grammar should be faultless. All of our translations are proofread by a native speaker of the target language, both to make any necessary corrections and to ensure that the text reads as fluently as possible.

Finally, any culture-specific elements must be adapted to the target language and culture. The translator must also take into account the target audience, so as to use the most appropriate vocabulary.


How is a first-rate translation produced?

Our procedures and working methods are certified by Bureau Veritas according to the ISO 17100 standard.

All of the translators with whom we work undergo stringent translation tests before we assign any real translation projects to them. They translate exclusively into their mother tongue, from languages in which they are fully proficient.

We use translation memories and termbases that we have built up over many years. These tools enable us to ensure that consistent terminology is used throughout your documents, while enabling us to reduce costs for you, our customers.

In this way, we offer you a top-quality partnership and translation results that meet your expectations, every time.



At Tradoc, quality has been central to our translation services for more than 30 years. Our translators are dedicated linguists who take pride in ensuring excellent quality, seeking out the right word or turn of phrase to faithfully convey the intended message.

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As a member of the CNET (the French association of translation companies), we adhere to the translation and interpreting code of conduct (see Best practices in translation).


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