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Tradoc Rhône-Alpes is a language services provider based in Lyon, France, specialised in the translation of technical documentation. Whether you work in the industrial, medical, legal or commercial sectors, or any other field, we convey your message in the languages that your clients need.

We are certified in line with CERTITRAD criteria, with 30 years of experience in translation and interpreting services. This formal certification confirms that our procedures and working methods comply with the international ISO 17100 standard applicable to translation service providers. Our clients are thus assured of a true partnership and results that always meet their requirements.

A host of resources for translations in all areas of business

Tradoc Rhône-Alpes staff in our offices in Lyon, and the freelance translators we work with around the world, apply certified working methods. Our teams have access to numerous computer resources to contribute to top-quality work.

In particular, we make use of translation memory technology, which enables our translators to collate terminological knowledge for each professional field. Our familiarity with the subject matter also enables us to point out any weaknesses in the content of your document.

We also systematically assign the same translators to work on translations for a given client, to ensure that your translations are consistent and optimised.

In addition to the translation of your documents, we offer true professional advice.

A certified network of translators, working together and committed to your projects

Over the years, we have built up an extensive international network of translators. This enables us to offer our professional clients translations between any combination of languages.

Our stable and experienced teams monitor your projects. Our translators always work into their native language, on documents within their field of expertise.

They have acquired in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business, for ever-more accurate and effective translations. Furthermore, all translations are proofread by a second native speaker.

We strive to satisfy our clients through teamwork and commitment. We look forward to hearing from you.



One translator, one native language

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Flexible service

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