Quiz: What do you know about interpreting?

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6 June 2019
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Quiz: What do you know about interpreting?

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At Tradoc, we have been offering interpreting services in France and abroad for more than 30 years. How much do you know about the world of interpreting?


1. You are organising a meeting with some French clients. Do you need to call:

  1. A conference interpreter
  2. A liaison interpreter
  3. A sworn translator


2. The role of a sworn interpreter is to:

  1. Interpret at judicial proceedings
  2. Provide support to solicitors
  3. Render decisions in court.


3. Interpreters translate:

  1. Only into their native language
  2. Into their native language and the foreign languages in which they are fluent
  3. Only into their foreign languages.


4. In which of these situations would you not require a simultaneous interpreter?

  1. At a conference at the UN headquarters
  2. For a speech by the President of the European Commission
  3. For a visit to a factory


5. What is “chuchotage”?

  1. It is a form of simultaneous interpreting used when only one or two people in a group require an interpreter.
  2. It is a form of interpreting whereby the interpreter gives a summary of what a speaker has said once they have finished talking.
  3. It is a form of interpreting whereby the interpreter translates in a soundproof booth for a large group.


6. Simultaneous interpreters generally work in pairs and take it in turns to translate. How often do they relieve each other?

  1. Every 30 minutes
  2. Every hour
  3. Every two hours


7. What French word is used for an interpreter’s case containing a microphone and headphones?

  1. Truc
  2. Bidule
  3. Chose


8. Which organisation employs the most interpreters worldwide?

  1. The European Parliament
  2. Tradoc
  3. The UN


9. What does a BSL interpreter do?

  1. Interprets British Sign Language
  2. Provides both simultaneous and liaison interpreting
  3. Translates from Braille to a spoken language


10. Tradoc offers:

  1. Liaison interpreting services
  2. Conference interpreting services
  3. Both of the above





1.b. A liaison interpreter translates between speakers of different languages in face-to-face situations involving a small number of people (e.g. business meetings, interviews). Speech alternates between the participants and the interpreter.

2.a. Under the French system, sworn interpreters are appointed by a Court of Appeal. They may be called to interpret at court hearings, police interviews, etc. 

3.b. Interpreters most often translate into their mother tongue (particularly in the case of conference and simultaneous interpreting), but they can also translate into their foreign languages (usually in the case of liaison interpreting).

4.c. A simultaneous or conference interpreter, seated in a soundproof booth, listens to a speaker via a headset and at the same time translates what is being said into another language, using a microphone. For an on-site visit, a liaison interpreter would be more appropriate. Liaison interpreters provide a consecutive translation, i.e. they stand beside the speaker and translate the message into another language when the speaker has finished talking. In some cases, the interpreter may take notes.

5.a. Chuchotage is a simultaneous interpreting technique whereby the interpreter sits close to a small target audience and whispers (“chuchoter” in French) a simultaneous translation of what is being said.

6.a. A simultaneous interpreter usually works for around 30 minutes at a time. This may vary depending on the intensity and difficulty of the speech to be translated. Over and above 30 minutes, more than one interpreter is required. Simultaneous interpreting is a very intensive and tiring task that calls for a very high level of concentration.

7.b. A “bidule” is a portable microphone and headphone system that can be used in place of a soundproof booth for some interpreting assignments.

8.c. The UN employs around 250 interpreters, as well as hundreds of freelance interpreters around the world.

9.a. The acronym “BSL” stands for British Sign Language.

10.c. Tradoc  offers both liaison and simultaneous interpreting services, in all fields and all languages!



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