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As a professional, you need a high-quality, responsive and competent translation service that can meet your deadlines and take technical constraints into account.

With 30 years of experience as a reputed language service provider, Tradoc Rhône-Alpes offers everything you need.

Our qualified translators work into their native language and are selected for their knowledge of technical fields. To guarantee top quality, documents are systematically proofread by a second translator.

We have a long-standing relationship with major international industrial groups such as Orange, Acoem, Rhodia/Solvay, Sanofi Pasteur and Markem-Imaje, who entrust their translation and interpreting work to us and benefit from our responsiveness, our skills and the quality of our work.

We make use of CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, including translation memories, to optimise the translation of your documents.

To ensure flawless quality of service, we operate a secure server for exchanging large files.

Regardless of your location, we can translate your communication tools

In today’s globalised world, companies need reliable translation services.
Communication tools that are effective in all languages are crucial to building and maintaining a company’s international reputation and image.

Tradoc offers the key to your success.

In addition to the translation of your brochures, presentations and catalogues, we can also handle page layout aspects, thus providing a fully streamlined service.

Nous traduisons également vos rapports financiers ou économiques.

Financial reports, commercial correspondence, websites… we translate them all to the same high quality standards.

Please contact us for a free and personalised quote.

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The technical and scientific translation specialists, in all languages

Technical and scientific translation requires not only linguistic skills, but also in-depth knowledge of the field concerned.

This is precisely what Tradoc Rhône-Alpes offers you, in all language combinations and all fields.

Manuals, patents, data sheets, scientific studies, brochures, catalogues… Our translators have the skills and knowledge needed to translate all your technical documents and, between them, cover any language you may need.

Our streamlined organisation ensures that we can provide a timely response to every translation request.

We see the translation process as a partnership between clients and translators. We assign dedicated translators for each client, to ensure that they are fully familiar with the client’s specific terminology.

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Tradoc Rhône-Alpes for medical translations

Due to the implications of errors in the medical field, the need for rigorous, accurate, faultless translations is particularly acute.

At Tradoc Rhône-Alpes, we are well aware of these imperatives. We remain true to our golden rule, that translators must always work into their native language and stay within their field of expertise.

We have extensive experience in the translation of marketing authorisations and instructions for use, clinical trial reports, and other technical documents relating to both medicinal products and medical devices.

Our working procedures have been certified by Bureau Veritas as compliant with the ISO 17100 international standard, resulting in the award of the CERTITRAD quality label. We work continuously to further enhance these procedures and guarantee the quality of our translations.

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Your partner for legal translations in Lyon, France and throughout the world

If you are a legal professional, Tradoc Rhône-Alpes can translate all your legal documents and can, as necessary, have the translations sworn by an approved expert.

For legal rulings, specialist reports, international correspondence, general terms and conditions of sale, and more, our translators always demonstrate rigour and precision, and take particular care in selecting the appropriate legal terminology.

Our computer-aided translation tools help us to ensure that terms are used consistently, ensuring that translations in all fields strictly reflect the original documents.

Confidentiality and discretion are of course guaranteed.



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