Why translate your website?

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Why translate your website?

What are the advantages of a multilingual site?

Translating and localising your website could be a major advantage in the development of your business. In our globalised world, everything can be imported and exported. Having a website in only one language closes the door to significant markets abroad.

If you would like to export your products and services beyond the French border, a (good) translation of your website is essential. A multilingual site will portray a positive and outward-looking image, and your sales will grow. Having your site translated will enable you to reach international markets and thus expand your client portfolio. But note that we said a good translation! This translation will define how your company is perceived by foreign clients. If your translated website contains errors, spelling mistakes and poor grammar, your company’s reputation and credibility abroad will suffer. The translation of your website is a communication tool in which it is worth investing, by calling on professional translators.



Which language(s) would be most useful?

  1. English is the undeniably the global language of business. Translating your website into English will open doors to huge numbers of potential future clients.
  2. Within Europe, German is the language with the most native speakers. Germany is the world’s fourth-largest economy, and France’s primary economic partner. Could it also be yours?
  3. Spanish is the official language of more than 20 countries, and is spoken by more than 567 million people around the world.
  4. Mandarin Chinese is the world’s most widely spoken language, and China’s economy is growing rapidly. The Chinese market thus offers great potential for your business.


Open the door to new markets by translating your website and other marketing materials, and the world will be your oyster!


Over and above a “simple” translation, localising your website means adapting the content to reflect the cultural context of the target market.



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